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Tula is located only 200 km from Moscow, which makes it a perfect place to spend weekends and take a break from noisy Moscow. You'd better rent/find a car for this route not to be dependent on public transportation.

Friday night starts in Tula, a place called Likerka loft with the most fancy local bars and restaurants. On Saturday morning you go out of town heading to abandoned soviet swimming pool. It has an amazing mosaic ceiling which has succeeded in surviving till nowadays. Next point is so-called Romantsevsky mountains – there used to be a quarry, but now it is filled with water and it looks like Mars get filled with water. If it's warm you could spend the night camping out, but we also recommend that you visit Bolotov.Dacha – a hotel in the style of Russian manor, perfect for Sunday eco holiday.
The city
Sovet swimming pool
Romantsevsky mountains
City spots
"Old Boy" bar and the whole Likerka.loft is a nice place for Friday hanging out. Another new and fancy spot is "Tipographya", where you can find street food, bar, yoga lessons, cinema, concerts and parties.

Good-quality restaurants are "Stechkin" (better visit in summer when outdoor area is working), "Public", "Pryanosti&Radosti" and "Petr Petrovich", where they brew its own beer. Good coffee spot is "Kult".

Swimming pool in Fedorovka village
Abandoned swimming pool with stained glass ceiling is located in Fedorovka village, Uzlovsky area (check with the map to make sure you're going in the right direction). In this village there is only one street (called Shkolnaya) and you can see the dome from the road.

The dome is made of different colored glasses and it's a miracle that this mosaic has survived since USSR dissolution being unguarded. However, there is at least one broken window at the bottom of the building allowing to get inside. Besides its colors, the pool also has incredible acoustics – at least two music videos were filmed there.
Romantsevsky mountains
Romantsevsky mountains are located near Konduki village, you will see hills from a distance. From 1960s to 1990s coal mining was conducted there, after the quarry was naturally filled with groundwater. Nowadays it looks quite alien especially for Russian central part (that is mostly flat). Highest point here is 200m which offers breathtaking views of the hills and blue clear water.

Best time to enjoy is obviously sunset. Here you also go swimming, have a picnic or spend a night in a tent (no organized camping but amazing night sky watching). Note: better drive there in dry weather cause the road is not paved final 500 meters.
Geographically logical final of this route is a stay at Bolotov.Dacha – cosy and eco hotel on the boarder of Tula and Moscow regions. It is a house in in the style of Russian manor with relevant entertainments – oared boats, bicycles, horse riding, local eco farm, delicious home-made food (for "donation" of pay-what-you-want). In evenings films are shown on a large screen in the spacious living room.
What else to visit in Tula region?

Of course, you should visit Yasnaya polyana - museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy, where he was born, lived and worked. It is also a Natural Preserve, so it's worth spending at least half a day there. It is located in 15 km from Tula.
If you go by car (and it's better to go by car), cost of gasoline will be about 2500 rubles, split it for 2 persons in a car and it cost 1250 rubels (~20$) per person
The cheapest hostels in Tula start from 500 rubles a night (you can find some hostels right in Likerka). One night in Bolotov.dacha starts from 1500 rubles (for single bed in hostel).
Friday drinks will be about 3000 rubles (50$) as the prices are lower than in Moscow.
~ ₽5500
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